“Mosaic is Hard. Art is Harder.” ~Sonia King

“Mosaic is Hard. Art is Harder.” ~Sonia King

Well-loved American contemporary mosaic artist Sonia King truly cares about the intricacies of tile, form and texture. When looking at her composition and use of shapes, you can see she enjoys juxtaposing high contrasting forms and shapes: organic vs geometric, ridged vs smooth, complexity vs serenity. Her works have the amazing ability of capturing a natural flow and softening the traditional geometric nature of mosaic. Her execution is pristine.

"Vertigo"; slate, marble, pyrite, gold, ceramic, glass, smalti, seashells 30" h x 24"w, 2005

King achieved her BFA at California College of Arts and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Going into the oil business, she found that she just could not do without making art in her life; hence, her dive into mosaic art. Her first encounters with mosaic art was when she was a child with her mother who was a mosaic artist as well.

She has developed a relationship with Children’s Medical Center creating many mosaic murals that expresses her artist statement. One of the most recent projects is called “Nebula Chroma” displayed in the newest tower entrance of the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. She won her second international Spectrum Award for Design and Detail for her creative use of tile. The first was for her four mural projects prior to “Nebula Chroma” for Children’s Medical Center shown here. It has been selected for RavennaMosaico, First International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic in Ravenna, Italy that is currently going on now until November 20th.

"Nebula Chroma" in new Lobby of Children's Medical Center in Dallas

My design process is completely intuitive, integrating technique and vision. I am driven by the desire to work with a huge variety of tesserae.

The working process of “Nebula Chroma”:



Some of the mediums she uses are smalti, gold, marble, vitreous glass, ceramic and more collected from all over the world just like Artaic’s tiles.

King is not only skilled and passionate about creating mosaics, but also an active mosaics instructor at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. She is a founding member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists and has been President for SAMA in the past. Not stopping there, she is internationally acclaimed; she has membership and was delegated Vice President of the Associazione Internazionale Mosaicisti Contemporanei (AIMC) in Ravenna, Italy, a city well-known for its superior mosaics.

Inspiring Interview  – Sonia King Video


"Coded Message 51423": glass, ceramic, shells, golds, smalti, bone, jasper, fossils, pebbles, aluminum, laminate, pearls, metal, horn, coral, abalone 12" h x 18"w, 2010

In “Coded Message,” King did not use a visible adhesive in order to convey that it’s a language that can be changed at any moment.

"Spinoff" 18" h x 24"w, 2007

The aqua blue stream running through the composition is a very loose and organic form that contrasts yet balances with the geometric nature of mosaics.


glass, ceramic, slate, chalcedony, pearls, shell, copper, bone, gold, smalti 25.5" h x 19.25"w, 2006

Pictures from: Sonia King – Mosaic Artist and Solo Mosaico


  1. My husband and I are renovating our kitchen. We found a mosiac design we liked on a website and wanted to make some changes on it to fit our needs. They said they were not able to do this. The size we were looking for was 12.75 inches x 25 inches (backsplash behind the stove). I would like to send you a picture of it and get a quote on doing a small project like this, or, if you could point us in the direction of someone we could contact we would really appreciate your help. We are using a tumbled travertine subway tile for the remainder of the backsplash; the cabinets are a cotton color, brass knobs with anitque pewter finish, floors are a sand color. The design we looked at used some type of stoned colored tiles but are open for suggestions. Thanks for any help you can give us.

  2. these are sooooo cool . serious shit

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