Orsoni Prize 2011

Orsoni Prize 2011

The Orsoni Prize is an award given to honor a contemporary mosaic piece of fine art. The winner gets their mosaic piece and exhibit at the Angelo Orsoni Gallery in Venice, Italy for 3 weeks, free transportation to Venice for a Master in Mosaic one week workshop, and a 6 night stay at Domus Orsoni Bed and Breakfast.

Orsoni Gallery

This year’s Orsoni Prize 2011 was chosen by master mosaicist Lucio Orsoni, Honorary President of Orsoni Smalti Veneziani, Angelo Orsoni and Pino Bisazza, President of international tile innovator Trend. The winner was Julian Modica of Marseilles, France for his beautiful “Frank Zappa” mosaic. The amount of detail in this piece is amazing and the colors really evoke a sort of old fashioned look.

"Frank Zappa" created by Julian Modica

The runner up was Erika V. Haaland of Sou Paulo, Brazil for her “Gold Leave” mosaic. Her divine use of reds and golds really makes the piece feel like autumn.

"Gold Leave" created by Erica V. Haaland

The 3 finalists were Michael Welch the publisher of Mosaic Art NOW  for his “Antelope Canyon”, Cynthia Fisher for her “Stochastic Processes”, and  Rebecca R. Quattrone for her “Battito, Pulse”.  All 3 finalist are from Massachusetts which is also where Artaic are based. It is great to see such fine mosaic work come from the US, and Massachusetts in general.

(from left) Michael Welch's "Antelope Canyon", Cynthia Fisher's "Stochastic Processes", and Rebecca R. Quattrone's "Battito, Pulse"

It’s great to see the ongoing national recognition of mosaic art. The Orsoni Prize really helps bolster a strong community built around the beautiful tile art form of which we are part.


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  1. Brava to the winners and runners up! Well deserved, all around.

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