Cork – An Innovative Mosaic Medium

Cork – An Innovative Mosaic Medium

Corks have sealed wine bottles for around 300 years. As the only known material to compensate for imperfections in glass bottles, corks have been vital to the wine industry. Most wine consumers remove the cork and never think twice about it; however, artists have found incredible uses for the corks. Think twice before nonchalantly throwing away your cork the next time.


World’s Largest Cork Mosaic

This 300,000 piece mosaic, created by Saimir Stati , an Albanian artist, over 27 days, measures 2 stories high and almost 40 feet in length. His meticulous placement of the corks creates a stunning image of Romeo. Stati uses a layering effect to create a 3D visual for this project. Ideal for the outdoor mosaic, corks last 20 years without deterioration and are resistant to moisture.

Another Stati project:

Artists inspired by corks have found incredible and unexpected ways to use them for almost anything.

This beautifully executed chair appears to be from a luxury, high-end furniture. Upon closer inspection, it is dumbfounding to notice that the material is in fact cork. The organic shape and cleanliness of the chair’s lines leaves the viewer amazed.

Cork Vases

Skilled Chinese Artwork out of Cork

Although not a traditionial art medium, corks have many advantages. They are biodegradable and sustainable. No trees have to be cut down when harvesting the cork. Instead, the Mediterranean trees are simply trimmed every few years.  Using cork as a material provides wonderful texture and dimensionality to the artwork pictured. The versatility of the cork combined with an artist’s creativity and innovation leaves us with some pretty amazing results.

Artists have truly found a way to work with any type of medium, material, or texture. View mosaics completed with Jelly Beans or even Toast.


Images taken from: weburbanist

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